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Any great mixologist would know the necessity of having a fully equipped bar. Without the right collection of bar tools, the quality and taste of your drinks will most likely suffer.

Selecting the right bartending supplies can get a little confusing. It’s sometimes hard to tell exactly what’s needed and what’s for show. Any established bar should have professional bar tools from the get-go. So, to get you familiar with the must-haves of bar tools, The Thirsty Barber has listed a complete set including its contents.

Metal Pour Spouts

Like their plastic fraternal twin, pouring alcohol will be easy peasy. With these metal pour spouts, using a counting system while pouring (as in the 1-1000, 2-1000, 3-1000 pour) just got a whole lot easier and more precise.

Plastic Pour Spouts

If you’ve been behind the bar before, than you know how much easier and more accurate it is to pour from bottles with pour spouts on them. Sometimes, the added expense of putting pour spouts on every bottle deters bar owners from doing so. That really shouldn’t be a problem with the solid black plastic pour spouts.

Juice Containers / Bar Mix Pourers

For speediness, aesthetics, freshness and taste, these juice pourers are amazing. Less used juices like pineapple or grapefruit can’t be left in large cans after opening for extended periods of time. These containers should be filled with your most widely used mixes and maximise your mixologist’s service time. For storage, simply unscrew the top, place cellophane wrap over the opening and screw the top back on.

Cocktail Shaker Tin

Loads of drinks require the ingredients to be mixed together beforehand or strained or shaken on ice. For all this and more, the shaker tin is your companion.

Short Shaker (a.k.a. Cheater Tin)

The 16oz Shaker, also known as a Cheater Tin or Short Shaker, is made of high quality Stainless Steel. The 16oz shaker is traditionally used to cap a 28oz shaker rather than using a mixing glass.

Mixing Glass

Whether you use a mixing glass or a short shaker (aka ‘cheater tin’), you’ll need one or the other to concoct a stellar cocktail. When placed mouth-to-mouth inside the shaker tin, a water-tight seal is formed allowing for the mixing of contents without any leakage.

Cocktail Strainer

This is a staple for any cocktail. Some shaker tins come with a built-in strainer in the lid but nothing beats the versatility of the standard bar cocktail strainer. There are two types of cocktail strainers:

Julep Strainer: should be used in conjunction with a mixing glass and is essentially a big metal spoon with holes in it. There are numerous cheap options to choose from.

Fine Mesh Strainer: since for certain drinks, a technique known as “double straining” is desired, in which the drink passes through two strainers before pouring into the drinking vessel. Shaken drinks often call for a double strain, to make sure no pulp fragments or tiny shards of ice make their way into the final drink.

Swankiness aside, a fully furnished bar needs a good assortment of equipment, often more than you might think, especially if you want to give the air of professionalism. Aside from the most common items such as a bottle opener, wine key, shaker, the above list of tools and things are indispensable to have behind the bar. Many of these tools are there to help you give your guests a better experience, and in return, they will reward you with their loyalty. If you want to see how a true mixologist whips up some of the best cocktails on the island, then we suggest you to come on over to The Thirsty Barber.

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