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We’re well into October now, which means that things are starting to get spooky here at The Thirsty Barber. Perhaps the bar can be called a Spookeasy this month, as we prepare for the biggest and best Halloween party in Malta!

Needless to say, the theme for the party is Sweeney Todd, and it’s going to be huge. Sweeney Todd is a fictional character who first appeared as the villain in The String of Pearls – a story written by James Malcolm Rymer and Thomas Peckett Prest in 1846-47.

The tale became a stable of Victorian melodrama and London urban legend, and has since been retold many times through stage plays and films. The 2007 film – the British American musical romantic horror film directed by Tim Burton – is where we got the inspiration for our Halloween Party.

Todd is a barber who murders his victims by sitting them on his barber chair, slitting their throats with a straight razor and pulling a lever causing them to fall backward down a revolving trapdoor into a burning furnace in the basement of his shop.

After having robbed the victims of their goods, Todd’s partner in crime, Mrs Lovett, would assist him in disposing of their bodies by churning their flesh and baking them into meat pies which she would then sell to the unsuspecting customers of her pie shop, which is connected to the barber’s basement by an underground passage.

Claims were made that Sweeney Todd was actually a historical person, but are strongly disputed by scholars, even though possibly legendary prototypes do indeed exist.

Of course, there won’t actually be any murdering going on, but we’re going all out with the gore in everything else! So whether you love getting creative and dressing up or simply want to experience an unbeatable Halloween night, then be sure not to miss ‘The Thirsty Barber Presents: Sweeney Todd’ which is guaranteed to be the creepiest, goriest, spookiest and ultimately the greatest Halloween party in Malta!

So come on over to ‘The Barber’ and enjoy an open bar, great music, and spook-tastic entertainment! Fancy-dress is welcomed but not a must, and some special spooky Halloween cocktails will be put together just for the occasion. 

It’s going to be a massive hit – definitely not one to miss! Early bird offer ends this Sunday 16th October and tickets are selling fast- click here to grab yours now!

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