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Fashion is shaped and influenced by the society and events that surround it. 1920s fashion strongly reflects society’s rapid movement and change, and it is still famous today.

The fashion during the twenties was the perfect blend between style and functionality, particularly for women, providing them with beautiful clothes that they could move in.

Women’s Fashion

Hemlines rose and waistlines dropped throughout the decade, and old-fashioned torture devices such as the corset and the crinoline were no longer used by young women who wanted to work, dance, and walk around town. With staple fashion phrases such as “boyish bob” and “garconne frock”, the change in fashion had a somewhat masculine look, and erased the typical feminine shape that was so popular in the previous era.

Other easily recognisable signature 1920s fashion items include:
– Flapper dresses
– Cloche hats
– High heeled shoes
– Costume and fancy jewellery
– All things Art Deco

Men’s Fashion

Suiting up was key for men during the twenties. The early years of the decade saw men’s fashion categorised by tightly fitted high-waisted jackets with narrow shoulders, often worn with belts. The suit, known as the Conservative Suit, created a thin silhouette. Similarly, the Jazz Suit was fashionable among the Jazz music enthusiasts in the period, which was made of skinny trousers and jackets worn with pinched in waists and small lapels. Throughout the decade, men wore long jackets in the morning and tail coats for formal occasions.


Beaded bags, feather boas, embellished head bands and costume jewellery… such accessories were a major part of the 1920s look. Taken from Egyptian and Art Deco style, extravagant accessories would always form part of an outfit, particularly on a night out. Towards the beginning of the decade, women’s shoes still had a pointed toe, but gradually became more rounded over the years. Hats were also highly popular during the period, creating a simple and elegant look. In the early 20s, simple hats with brims were worn, but the rimless cloche later became more fashionable.

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